EW Web Sites

In Expression Web, a Web site is a collection of Web pages, files, objects and folders that are published on the Web. Using the Expression Web site feature offers the following advantages:

  • Use the folder list panel to organize files.
  • Update links automatically. Whenever we create, move, copy or delete a file in our Web site, Expression Web rewrites all the HTML link code to reflect our changes.
  • Automatically apply CSS code to as few or as many documents in our Web site.
  • Find and replace text in multiple documents within our Web site.
  • Perform a spell check on multiple documents in our Web site.
  • Create template documents that standardize the appearance of pages in our Web site.

Caution: We must perform all Web site file management within Expression Web using the folder list panel, rather than using Windows file management tools. Otherwise, Expression Web will not be aware of our changes and therefore will not be able to update links, etc. for the entire site.

We can store a Web site on any storage device and folder. After we create the Web site, the folder list panel will display the folders and files we've created for the site.

Deleting Recently Opened Sites

Over time, the list of recently opened sites can become quite long. To delete a site from the managed sites list, click SITE on the menu bar, then click MANAGE SITES LIST. From this list of recently opened sites, click the site you want to delete, then click the REMOVE button. This will not delete the site. It will only remove the site from the list of recently opened sites. We can also add sites to the list by clicking the ADD button.

Background Colors

The default background color is white. We can change the background color for a page using the Page Properties dialog box. As you recall, we open the page properties dialog box by right-clicking on a blank section of the editing window, then click PAGE PROPERTIES. To change the background color, we click on the FORMATTING tab, then click the drop-down arrow next to the background color and select MORE COLORS. To change the color, click a swatch, a block of color that represents a color. If we know the hexidecimal color value, we can type it in to the VALUE text box in the more colors dialog box.