Expression Web

Microsoft Expression Web simplifies the process of creating and formatting Web pages because it enters the HTML and CSS code for us. Since we already know HTML and CSS, we can make changes directly to our HTML and CSS code in Expression Web - but we don't have to. Additionally, we can see what our page will look like, as we create our Web page using Expression Web.

A Web site is a collection of Web pages, files, and folders that we publish (upload) to a Web server on the Internet. Expression Web automatically keeps up with our files, links, etc. as we add/edit pages and links. After we create our Web site, Expression Web makes it very easy to publish (upload) our files to the Web server.

Expression Web lets us view our Web pages as they will appear in the browser, making it easy to preview our work. We can view our work in different versions of different browsers with different screen resolutions, all from Expression Web.

Expression Web also comes with Expression Encoder for creating audio and video, and Expression Design for professional illustrations (graphics design tool) for banners and logos.