WordPress is the most popular open source content management system - a publishing platform that makes it easy to publish content on the Internet. Take a look at sites using WordPress at and at Notable WordPress Users.

You can download a copy from or you can set up a free account at and just play with it to learn how it works. Not all features are available from has a demo for hundreds of content management systems at the following link: This site allows all visitors to act as the administrator of all the different demo CMS installations they list, and it gives you an opportunity to try each of them out before you take the time to download and install. The demo sites automatically reset themselves to the default installation each hour since everyone has administrator access.

WordPress has built-in features that connect to a MySQL database on the server allowing users to create data driven Websites without having to code anything. Web developers can create custom code, but anyone can use it without coding. Check out to see all the features and benefits of using WordPress. Here are a few built-in features you get with WordPress:

Check out the videos from Word Camp at WordPress TV.

Check out Set up a free account to view videos at

You can even use WordPress as a content management system - check out How to Use WordPress as a Content Management System

Write your own PHP code to create your own WordPress Plugin, or use any of the Free WordPress Plugins.