Intro to Menus

A menu is a list of operations that are displayed on the screen by a program. The user can select one of the operations and the program will perform it. A menu-driven program always starts off by displaying a list of operations that it can perform on the screen, and allows the user to select the operation that he or she wants the program to perform. The list of operations that is displayed on the screen is called a menu. Here is a sample menu.

Sample Menu in a Program

Note that each item in this menu is preceded by a number. The user selects one of the operations by entering the number that appears next to the option they choose. Entering 1 lets the user add a name to the mailing list.

Modern programs have Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) which allow the user to make menu selections with a mouse - or even a finger on touch devices. The programming concepts are the same for both types of menus.