Microsoft PowerPoint is a complete presentation graphics program that allows you to produce professional looking slide shows.

PowerPoint gives a user the flexibility to make presentations (1) using a projection device attached to a personal computer, (2) by running a virtual presentation on the Internet, (3) using overhead transparencies, and (4) using a personal computer.

PowerPoint is used to create presentations. It is part of the Microsoft Office suite of programs. Speakers use PowerPoint to enhance a speech or oral presentation. Each screen is called a slide. And a collection of slides in a presentation is called a deck.

Apple CEOs have used Apple's keynote presentation software (similar to PowerPoint) to announce the latest product offerings from Apple. The link to Keynotes is a video capturing the entire presentation - which includes the speaker using presentation software.

Start PowerPoint

To start PowerPoint, click on the PowerPoint icon on the task bar.

Or, click on START menu to find PowerPoint under Microsoft Office.

Choose a Theme

When PowerPoint opens, we can select a blank presentation or pick from available themes.

Title Slide

The title slide introduces the presentation. Placeholders are boxes with dotted lines around areas we can modify. The title slide has two text placeholders; title and subtitle. A menu is a list of commands, which is now replaced by the ribbon.
This will create the first slide in our presentation.

To hide the Getting Started task pane which appears on the right of the current slide, click the close button in the task pane.